Premium Multidomain (OV)

This product is designed to meet your secure communication needs with only one certificate for multiple subdomains. For example, you can protect all of your addresses such as, and all with a single multi-domain certificate.

2 Years 1828₺
1 Year 914₺

3 multidomain domain name is included in the price. 3 for each additional space on the domain name for this price are applied. 

Additional Domain 1 Year / 260₺ 2 Years / 500₺



E-Tuğra’s SSL certificates are trusted by all major browsers in the world. That’s why your certificate will be trusted all over the world. Make your website 100% secure by using E-Tuğra’s SSL certificate with E-Tuğra’s seal.




Install the html code provided to you on your website to show the E-Tuğra seal. We advise that you install the seal in a manner visible on each page of your website to provide your customers with increased security and comfort. In particular, make sure that the E-Tuğra seal is clearly visible on your credit card payment and order forms.

E-Tuğra SSL Certificate
Quick application and instant SSL certificate issuance,

1 or 2 year certificate options,

High level of security with 2048-bit key,

Unlimited subdomain protection with Wildcard,

Free technical support 7/24,

Support from our professional team throughout all stages from purchase to installation thanks to our state-of-the-art technical support and sales department,

Our certificates are recognised by Microsoft and all other browsers and our reliability is proven internationally,

We offer e-tuğra’s guarantee, one of Turkey’s top-notch and most reliable companies.


  Fill out the application form,

  Pay easily,

  Complete the rest of the procedures,

  Get your SSL certificate on the same day.